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About Us

Welcome to The ZEROCLASS Co!

What are we? Well to be honest my friend, we're abit of everything under the sun when it comes to the awesomeness that is the worldwide drift culture and automotive style movement.

How did it start?

Well sonny - *back in my day* It started as a very small drift team, focusing on car style with big wheeled, wide S13's, not to mention the obnoxious driving style and blog - Circa 2008


That lasted for a good couple of years, gave the national drifting championship a good crack and then we decided the cars racked up bills and well we decided to part the cars out.

About a year later, founding member Chris Howard [like the tormented child that he was] decided he wasn't done, turning ZEROCLASS into a rather low key niche streetwear company. We had some fun designing a couple tee's, ran some exclusive drift events to keep in touch with the homies.

To where we are now, settling into our newfound place as an international destination for all automotive inspired news and content while sticking to our past gig that restarted it all, with now, fully fledged, premium automotive style and drift inspired goods!

Oh yea, our events have also scaled up aswell, we decided grassroots drifting needed to be brought to the main stage. So now since 2015, we've taken on the task of organising Drift Matsuri here in NZ. Click here for more info.

Drifting is awesome, we're happy to say we've been apart of it all for the past 10 years.



Thats the jist of it, thanks for reading and we'll catch you at an event near you sooner than you may think! #ZEROCLASS